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Childe, V. Gordon : Man Makes Himself

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Gordon Childe has a sense of perspective in time, which has been developed to a degree exceptional even among archaeologists, who juggle with millennia; and he is little more restricted in space, for he ranges from the north of Scotland to the Valley of the Indus with a familiarity which few may emulate. He is, therefore, in a position to recommend with confidence the study of archaeology as an antidote to those modern pessimists, who are disposed to doubt the soundness of the foundations upon which the belief in ‘progress', inherited from the late nineteenth century, takes its stand. Neither ‘age’, nor century, he argues, and equally no single area marked out by geographical or national limitations, can afford material adequate for such a judgment. The impartial inquirer must survey all time, and take the whole world as his province, before he ventures to pronounce upon the trend of events in present-day civilization .
category: Books > Foreign Language Books > Books in English > Social Sceinces >
publisher: Watts and Co., 1948. London,
item number / ISBN: 0061673
binding: hardcover (in original dust jacket)
pages: XIII, 242 p.
language: Hungarian
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